The Grand African is not only known as the original human but also the original traveller. We navigated the rivers, trails, and oceans of the world and impacted human existence on every continent. Unfortunately, our travels have not always been positive or welcomed. People of African descent, especially those of the darker hue, face higher rates of institutional and interpersonal discrimination. Knowing how to travel while Black has become a life-saving practice.

I Love Black people is the essential survival guide built to help Black people avoid the harms and humiliations of racism while navigating the globe. We are rooted in the belief that we can work together to protect and empower the African Diaspora. We know that our money goes further when we spend it with businesses that invest back into our communities.

Together we are expanding the vision of trailblazers like Victor Hugo Green; the creator of the historic Negro Traveler’s Green Book.

In 1936, during the height of Jim Crow segregation in the United States of America, Victor Hugo Green, a postal employee and civic leader from Harlem, New York, wrote his first edition of the “The Negro Motorists Green Book”. The pocket-sized Green book was a reference tool for African-American travellers who were navigating racially segregated cities and the expanding highways of the United States. The Green Book helped Black travellers navigate through America with pride while also creating opportunities for the economic advancement of businesses that were Black-owned and supported Civil Rights.

I Love Black People is expanding Mr Green’s vision and developing a “Global Green Book for the Black Traveler”.

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