Volunteer as an Ambassador

Volunteer as an Ambassador


We are building a global network to help protect Black people from the harm & humiliation of racism & xenophobia, especially while traveling and in a new environment.

I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE is inviting volunteers who prides themselves in disrupting Self-Hate in Our Communities.

We also have opportunities for students for Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Taking on a brand ambassador role means that we want you to represent I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE positively and enthusiastically. By doing so, you will help support Black people across the world.

Interested Persons Should

  • Have an appreciation of Pan Africanism & current technologies.
  • Possess excellent communication skills and interacts well in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams.
  • Ability to work calmly under pressure with minimum or no supervision and handling of multiple tasks.
  • Excellent creativity and confidence to share new ideas.

Brand Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Protect Black people from the harm & humiliation of racism & xenophobia
  • Recommend Black Owned & Black Friendly businesses.
  • Verify Black Owned & Black Friendly businesses
  • Disseminate our message of love to large groups of people, especially positive social influencers with a large platform or following.
  • Promote and get as many people you know to download the app.
  • Wear our message of love every time especially at predominately Black social, political, and economic events
  • Develop creative and relevant social media content (i.e. post and stories) that are relevant to the cause. (i.e. Making a story or post about your positive experience, with black-owned businesses or collegiate events).
  • Create your own I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE team and care for them - fiercely and frequently. (i.e. For instance, whoever is interacting with  your social media posts, be sure to give them extra love, attention and perks.)

Perks of being an ambassador?

  • The opportunity to join a revolutionary movement
  • Supporting the cause of Anti-racism
  • Protecting Black people from the humiliation and harm of racism

In addition to the priceless experience, promoting, and contributing to black love, unity, and economic independence, you will also receive our Brand Ambassador "Starter Kit"!Ready to get started?