The Movement


Though 2017 saw the popularity of cryptocurrency grow exponentially, what many don’t realize is that blockchain adoption is creating a need for more developers. The number of job postings on LinkedIn related to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin increased at least fourfold in 2017, according to data provided by Bloomberg Law. And sources say the number of such jobs is expected to grow this year too. Companies working with blockchain are looking to hire business and technical consultants, software engineers, cyber security strategists, project managers, marketers and many others. And because blockchain is being applied to a diverse array of industries such as finance, retail, supply chain and healthcare, the jobs are just as varied.

If this problem is not confronted head-on, the startups and teams building crypto projects will find their progress slowed or stopped by the lack of available coders. Investors who back these projects may fail to realize a return. As more projects fail, the likelihood of heavy regulation on the industry will increase.