Targeted 200 Cities

Our Goal is to cover Black Owned & Black Friendly businesses in 71/200 Cities across the world by 15 May 2019. Submit A Recommendation Here.

Remaining Cities

UPDATE 21 May 2018


This is the list of Cities Remaining we need to recommend Black-Owned & Black-Friendly Businesses.


If anyone knows any Black-Owned & Black-Friendly Businesses in these cities please recommend them on this link. We are left with 71/200 Cities.


Remember our deadline is 30 May 2019

Cities Remaining in Africa

Algeria Algiers

Angola Huambo

Benin Porto-Novo

Burkina Faso Ouagadougou

Burundi Gitega

Cameroon Douala

Central African Republic  Bangui

Chad Ndjamena

Comoros Moroni

Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan

Democratic Republic of the Congo Katanga

Democratic Republic of the Congo Kisangani

Djibouti Djibouti

Equatorial Guinea Malabo

Eritrea Asmara

Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) Mbabane

Gabon Libreville

Guinea Conakry

Guinea-Bissau Bissau

Libya Tripoli

Mali Bamako

Morocco Casablanca

Morocco Marrakech

Republic Of The Congo Brazzaville

Sao Tome and Principe São Tomé

Seychelles Victoria

Sudan Khartoum-Omdurman

Tunisia Tunis


Cities Remaining in Europe

Austria Vienna

Belgium Brussels

Bulgaria Sofia

Czech Republic Prague

Germany Frankfurt

Germany Munich

Greece Athens

Hungary Budapest

Italy Venice

Poland Warsaw

Romania Bucharest

Scotland Glasgow

Spain Barcelona

Sweden Stockholm

Ukraine Kiev

United Kingdom Manchester 


Cities Remaining in North America

Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 

Dominican Republic Santiago de Los Caballeros 

Dominican Republic Punta Cana 

Haiti Port-au-Prince 

Jamaica Kingston 

Mexico Guadalajara 

Mexico Tijuana 

Panama Panama City 

Puerto Rico San Juan 

USA San Antonio California

USA Oklahoma City Oklahoma

USA Milwaukee Wisconsin

USA Sacramento California

USA Raleigh North Carolina

USA Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 

USA Orlando Florida

USA Newark New Jersey

USA Jersey City New Jersey

USA Winston Salem North Carolina

USA Baton Rouge Louisiana 


Remaining in South America 

Argentina Buenos Aires 

Brazil Sao Paulo 

Brazil Brasilia 

Chile Santiago 

Colombia Medellin 

Colombia Cali 

Peru Lima 

Remaining in Australia 




Cities Currently Covered.

Continent Country City State
Africa Botswana Gaborone
Africa DRC Kinshasa-Brazzaville
Africa Ethiopia Addis Ababa
Africa Ghana Accra
Africa Ghana Kumasi
Africa Kenya Nairobi
Africa Kenya Mombasa
Africa Namibia Windhoek
Africa Nigeria Lagos
Africa Rwanda Kigali
Africa Senegal Dakar
Africa Somalia Mogadishu
Africa South Africa Johannesburg
Africa Tanzania Dar Es Salaam
Africa Zimbabwe Harare
Africa Uganda Kampala
Africa South Africa Pretoria
Africa Madagascar Antananarivo
Asia China Shanghai
Asia Qatar Doha
Asia United Arab Emirates Dubai
Asia Indonesia Bali
Europe Denmark Copenhagen
Europe France Paris
Europe Germany Berlin
Europe Netherlands Amsterdam
Europe Portugal Lisbon
Europe Switzerland Zurich
Europe UK London
Europe Spain Madrid
South America Brazil Rio De Janeiro
North America Canada Vancouver
North America Cuba Havana
North America Canada Toronto
North America USA New York New york
North America USA Austin Texas
North America USA Charlotte North Carolina
North America USA Larkspur North Carolina
North America USA Charleston South Carolina
North America USA Seattle Washington
North America USA Washington Dc Dc DC
North America USA Minneapolis Minnesota
North America USA Los Angeles California
North America USA Chicago Illinois
North America USA Phoenix Arizona
North America USA Philadelphia Pennsylvania
North America USA San Diego California
North America USA Dallas Texas
North America USA San Jose California
North America USA Jacksonville Florida
North America USA San Francisco California
North America USA Columbus Ohio
North America USA Indianapolis Indiana
North America USA Denver Colorado
North America USA Washington Dc DC
North America USA Boston Massachusetts
North America USA Nashville Tennessee
North America USA Portland Oregon
North America USA Las Vegas California
North America USA Detroit Michigan
North America USA Memphis Tennessee
North America USA Louisville Kentucky
North America USA Baltimore Maryland
North America USA Kansas City Missouri
North America USA Miami Florida
North America USA Albuquerque New Mexico
North America USA Oakland California
North America USA New Orleans Lousianna
North America USA Cleveland Ohio
North America USA St. Louis Missouri
North America USA Durham North Carolina
North America USA Atlanta Georgia
North America USA Brooklyn New York
North America USA Anchorage Alaska
North America USA Richmond Virginia


Our Goal is to cover Black Owned & Black Friendly businesses in 200 Cities across the world by 15 April 2019. Submit A Recommendation Here.