I Love Black People Coupons – #SpreadTheLove

(Coming Soon)


BillMari is introducing the concept of I Love Black People Coupons with the chief aim of liberating and connecting people of African descent from the adverse effects of colonialism, in all forms. The I Love Black People Coupons cycle will alleviate the inequities brought about by unchecked exploitive capitalism across the globe.


These digital coupons will promote self-reliance among people of African descent who have the willingness to achieve what was formerly thought of as virtually insurmountable in prior years. By utilizing a coupon system with rewards based on acts of kindness, we now have the opportunity to reverse the adverse effects of the sometimes parasitic capitalistic and imperialistic nature of specific societies on a global scale.


With the advent of blockchain technology, we now have a new frontier and opportunity to utilize this age-old concept and use it for the betterment of Black communities and ecosystems.


With a primary focus on helping the historically disenfranchised Black community; build and sustain their communities, these electronically generated coupons will spur the positivity that many of our communities so desperately need.


Users will earn digital coupons through participation on the mobile application, website and in the real world. All activities will incentivize people to support Black people and Black businesses around the world.