Global Green Book – Book Club

The Global Green Book – Book Club exclusively for members and ambassadors is for our Brothers and Sisters who are looking to read and learn more about our history, culture, heritage, and people. We’ll discuss books, movies, the news, and participate in other activities relating to the experiences of Black people around the world.

Discussions will be held on our I ❤ Black People Think Tank Facebook Group.

Not a member, but what to join? You’re invited to join I ❤ Black People. As a member, you become apart of our growing global network that is working to protect Black people from the harm & humiliation of racism & xenophobia, especially while traveling and in a new environment

You’ll also have access to our exclusive members-only Think Tank and many other benefits.

Get started today by creating an account on iloveblackpeople.com, and you’ll be sent a link to our Think Tank and much more!

We look forward to recapturing our history and spreading knowledge with love.

i am because WE are✊🏿Black People.

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