We are building a global network to help protect Black people from the harm & humiliation of racism & xenophobia, especially while travelling and in a new environment.

‪Our Goal is to cover Black Owned & Black Friendly businesses in 200 Cities across the world by 30 May 2019.‬

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  • Together as African blackpeople we can build our shield, I’m ready to fight against racism and xenophobia in Africa and world wide. Black person we are able and we can build a world free from racism and xenophobia. Viva africa our motherland and the origin of blackpeople.
    Viva africa a continent with skilled and kind man
    Viva africa the stock of richness.

    African blackpeople we all are blessed by almighty, we have to stand and build a peaceful and developed content. Never look down for those white man. You have power for achieving what you want believe in you for the blackpeople’s future free from racism and xenophobia.

    Semigabo Egide

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