We did it! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
With your help, we managed to cover Black-owned and Black-friendly businesses in 200 cities across the globe! This means that we are one step closer to protecting black people from the harm and humiliation of racism and xenophobia.

However, we need to expand our coverage in the 200 cities. Our next step is to fill cover more categories in the 200 cities. We want a world where Black people have as many safe options as possible.

We need more business recommendations in our eight categories in the 200 cities listed:

Food-restaurants, markets
Health- doctor, nurse, clinic, hospital
Legal- lawyer
Finance - bank, financial services, accountants, travel agencies
Transportation- taxi, cab, rentals, car services, mechanic
Education/childcare - schools, home schools, nursery, baby sitters
Beauty- barber shops, beauty salon, nails, clothing
Accommodation - hotels, lodges, Air BnB, hostels

Wherever you are we need your help to find Black-owned & Black-friendly businesses that support and protect Black people.

Submit on this link.


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