Help Build our Brand - Become a Brand Ambassador!

By ILove BlackPeople

Help Build our Brand - Become a Brand Ambassador!

Become a Brand Ambassador today!

Our brand ambassadors are our first line of promotion!

Taking on a brand ambassador role means that we want you to represent I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE in a positive, authentic light. And, by doing so, you help raise brand awareness and provide potential consumers with a memorable face-to-face and/or digital experience. 

What does a Brand Ambassador for I LOVE BLACK people do?
  • Disseminate our products (t- shirts/buttons) to masses of Black people, especially those positive social influencers with a large platform/following 
  • Get every Black person you know to download the app
  • Wear the T-Shirt at predominately Black social, political, and economical events
  • Develop creative and relevant social media content (i.e. post and stories) that matter! Creating content that people can relate to is the best way to gain an engaged following (i.e. Making a story or post about why you love being Black or explaining how supporting Black owned businesses has been fulfilling to you on an individual and collective level).
  • Find your I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE squad and cater to them - fiercely and frequently. For instance, whoever is liking and responding to your posts, be sure to give them extra love, attention and perks. After all 50 enthusiastic and dedicated consumers are better than 100 that are lukewarm.
What's in it for you?

In addition to the priceless experience and feeling of promoting and contributing to black love, unity, and economic independence, you will also receive our Brand Ambassador "Starter Kit" which includes:

    • A complimentary "I Love Black People" t-shirt. 
    • An "I Love Black People" bag
    • An "I Love Black People" stickers
    • An "I Love Black People" buttons
    • The opportunity to apply for a paid position as our APP gains traction, which could lead to a full time or part time position. 
    • A glowing letter of recommendation from one or our prestigious founders.  

Ready to get started?

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Wait for your kit in the mail!