I Love Black People by BillMari


Iloveblackpeople.com is a survival guide that empowers and protects members of the African diaspora as we navigate the globe.

This is a platform that knows Black futures matter and that our money goes further when we spend it with businesses that invest back into our communities.

Our mission is to enhance and support black resiliency in economics, well-being, and community.

We envision a world where people of African descent can comfortably and conveniently travel without the fear of targeted harm or injustice.

We are using the foundations of historic resources like The Negro Travelers Green Book series, to redefine what it means to allow safe passage for Black people across the globe. The focus is to support the needs of Black consumers while also advancing economic and cultural empowerment for the Black Diaspora.

I Love Black People is an excellent tool for students navigating a new city, your family road trip, the international traveler, the foreigner creating a home in a new land, or even just the person who wants to support the progressive business.

Bookmark www.iloveblackpeople.com and download the app;

You never know when you may need it.