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 I ❤️ Black People

I Love Black People is a Movement sponsored by BillMari, which protects Black people from racism and xenophobia around the world.With your help, we are using technology to build a global network to help protect Black people from the harm & humiliation of racism & xenophobia, especially while traveling and in a new environment.

We have adapted an empowering historical classic, The Negros Motorist Green Guide Book, and revamped it, creating the digital platform called iloveBlackpeople.com​​ sponsored by BillMari. 

First printed in 1937, the Green Book was an indispensable guide to Black friendly restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and more. The book was published during the Jim Crow laws, which enforced segregation, allowing white business owners to deny Black patrons service or even the use of the restroom. Black people seeking reasonable assistance only to be met by a White hostile business owner could suffer life-threatening violence. This extreme racism made it a terrifying time to be Black in America. The green book served as a guide to safety, directing users to Black friendly establishments. The book was printed every year from 1937 to 1966.

I Love Black People is crowd-sourcing Black owned and Black friendly businesses to populate our digital Green Book/Survival Guide called I Love Black People App where we will host all of this information and resources. 

In addition to the website and app, we have the Global Green Book: A Black Survival Guide. In 2020 we came out with the health care edition, The Global Green Book: A Black Survival Guide: 2020 Healthcare Edition. This Black Survival Guide was created to help Black people access Black-owned and Black-friendly healthcare providers especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

With your help, we are building a global network to help protect Black people from the harm & humiliation of racism & xenophobia, when they are most vulnerable, especially while traveling and in a new environment.

We need the Black global network to recommend the places that keep them, their families, and friends safe. Share your safe spaces!  To join the movement, you can become a Member, Founding Member, or an I Love Black People Brand Ambassador. 


We appreciate feedback to continue improving. Contact us and share what works and what needs work.


Meet the Co-Founders

Christopher Mapondera

Christopher Mapondera is the co-founder of I ❤️ Black People and  BillMari, the largest Pan-African Bitcoin wallet provider using blockchain technology. He has been at the forefront of integrating technology and economic development for rural and underserved communities in Africa. This includes Agriculture, Energy, Housing, and Industry.

Christopher Mapondera has been involved in establishing business and cultural linkages of the African Diaspora and Africa.

Sinclair Skinner

Sinclair Skinner is Co-Founder of I ❤️ Black People and BillMari, the largest Pan-African Bitcoin wallet provider, using blockchain technology to open doors of financial inclusion and economic empowerment. BillMari has been among the most successful bitcoin companies in Africa and is the first to partner with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to lower remittance fees across the Diaspora.

Prior to BillMari, for over two decades Mr. Skinner strategically organized and led movements for those politically disenfranchised. As an early adopter of bitcoin, in 2012 he formed the African American Super PAC, 1911 United Political Action Committee, and became the first to accept bitcoins for contributions. Sinclair Skinner’s background includes being a Product Development Engineer, former US Patent Examiner, and a serial entrepreneur for over 20yrs. He is also recognized as a seasoned, global human rights activist and organizer. i am because WE are

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